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Special Work made by MaramuresWood

Traditional House from reclaimed wood
We have a good experience in rebuilding old wooden houses. We reuse all the good material and restore if it is need it. There are lots of beautiful houses in Maramures county, Romania that keeps old style of arhitecture and we heritage this craft in our family. 

Stone Work / Lucrări din piatră - Made by Maramureswood / Realizate de către MaramureșwoodStone Work
The restoration process involves a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern methods. We utilize specialized tools and equipment to carefully clean the stone, removing dirt, grime, and previous coatings. Through gentle grinding, polishing, and honing, we gradually unveil the stone’s hidden beauty, allowing its vibrant colors and intricate textures to shine once more.
We love to work with plate stone and to restore it!

gard din nuiele realizate de maramureswood
Wattle Fence (gard din nuiele)
Building a Wattle Fence (gard din nuiele) in Maramureș style is a long-standing tradition, passed down from generation to generation. This type of fence is popular in Maramureș and other regions of the country due to its durability and traditional appearance.

Constructing a wattle fence (gard din nuiele) is a lengthy and meticulous process that requires a great deal of work and skill. The #maramureswood team can assist you in building a wattle fence (gard din nuiele).

mobila romania maramureswood furniture made in Romania Furniture manufacturing
We have a team of young specialists with extensive experience in restoring antique furniture and producing new furniture from both old and new wood. We ensure that the results of our work are to the satisfaction of our clients, offering our expertise and market experience.
Manufacturing solid wood furniture for various spaces, providing customized products to meet our clients’ needs.

-Replicating original, old, and antique pieces, carefully restored with attention to detail.

-Restoring rustic, old, and antique furniture using traditional methods and high-quality materials, thus preserving the value and beauty of the old furniture.

-Wooden furniture for gardens, terraces, and other outdoor spaces, made from superior quality materials and treated to withstand weather conditions.

-Creating solid furniture according to the desired sketches and finishes requested by partners, especially for guesthouses or other tourist business.

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Antique Timber or Reclaimed
Any and all timber and lumber that is reclaimed from old barns, industrial buildings, rural structures and any other heavily built structures built from old-growth wood.

Antique Timber (Reclaimed) Grades
Antique Grade – The true reclaimed wood. A mixture of Rustic, Nail and Select Grade woods. Knot, grain, heartwood and nail hole content varies.
Rustic Grade – This grade gets it all: nail holes, true aged patina, original saw marks and greater than 20% defects and blemishes. This grade is made from rustic “skins” of old lumber and beams. Knot, nail hole and heartwood contents vary.
Rustic Grade (Skimmed Barn Wood) – This grade gets it all: nail holes, true aged patina, original saw marks and greater than 20% defects and blemishes. This grade is milled from original barn wood siding that is lightly planed/skimmed on the rustic face. Knot, nail hole and heartwood contents vary.
Mobila Baia Mare cu preturi de producator. Magazin mobila Maramures cu Transport Gratuit serviciu de manipulare si montaj. Livrare 5-30 zile.
Mobila Baia Mare magazin mobila Maramures – Mobila Maramureswood
Suntem producatori de mobilier din Maramures, Romania si oferim o gama variata la preturi avantajoase, Mobilier si mobila la comanda – Proiectare 3D, Masuratori, Transport si Montaj Mobila, Garantie. Comanda mobila pentru casa ta. Alege produse pentru sufragerie, dormitor (paturi boxpring, paturi clasice), bucatarie si dining. 

Case din lemn

Case cu pereţi din lemn ecarisat, din grinzi chertate îmbinate prin dublu nut şi feder. Tot lemnul folosit în construcţia caselor este lemn de esenţă răşinoase 

Gard impletit din nuiele
GARD / PANOU IMPLETIT DIN NUIELE. Realizam pe comanda gard impletit din nuiele, rachita bruta, tulpina groasa cu diametru intre 0.5 si 2.5 cm.

 Cea mai buna mobila din Maramures. Mobila din lemn masiv doar la Maramureswood Oldwooddesign SRL 

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