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Our main activity is the reuse and sale of wooden materials from old buildings for interior design and decoration purposes. Among our commodities are products from pine and oak made of outdated beams, sunburn planks, old floor and attic boards, retrieved from old barns, warehouses and wooden buildings. Our production is exported in countries such as: France, Germany, Italy, Austria,

Secondary, we can produce and restore any model of furniture with finishing in any color, hue, even patina finish. Our production is based on oak and pine tables, restore old furniture (classic, country style etc.) and custom furniture, made of old or new wood (oak, pine or other type of wood).

In our factory, we have specialists in furniture restoration and manufacturing, we can provide you quality and our confidence to be satisfied with the products you want, our clients are very satisfied with our products, if you become our customer, you benefit our expertise and experience from furniture market.

We also offer restored old pine or other wood furniture. We want to find new market places for our products and to announce agreed opportunity for business. recycle the wooden material of old facilities destined to be demolished.

For any question, feel free to ask any time.

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